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Generally speaking, a relay is an electrically operated switch that is used where it is necessary to control a circuit by an independent low-power signal. The electromagnetic effect is the most common principle used in the design of a relay. The relay closes or opens the contacts when a certain trigger condition is satisfied. Depending on the working environment and technical requirements, relays can be divided into different types, such as industrial relays, automotive relays, and new energy relays.
Power Relay
A power relay is a switch used to control the flow of high-power electrical signals. It works by using a coil to create a magnetic field that switches a high-power circuit on or off.
Automotive Relay
Automotive relay refers to a type of relay that is specifically used in the vehicle. Considering unique working environments, such as different on-board net power, high temperature, chemical corrosion, vibration, sand, and dust, etc., Zettler offers a series of automotive relays which could be used in various situations, such as spark plug ignition, center console control, and interior lighting.
New Energy Relay
New energy relay specializes in the type of relay which is applied in the field of alternative and renewable energy, such as solar, electro-mobility, and other alternative energy industries. Zettler's new energy relays are designed for use in solar inverters, electric vehicle charging devices, or any similar applications requiring high loads to be switched and carried.
Relay Applications
Normally, a relay is used to control a high-power or high-voltage circuit with a low-power circuit. It can be used to protect the electrical apparatus and transmission lines or to switch signals. Zettler provides a comprehensive range of relays that can satisfy different working environments and technical requirements in various industrial fields.
Automotive Industry
Automotive relays need to consider and meet special working environments, such as high heat, high vibration, high noise, etc. Zettler's relays can be used in automotive brake system, interior lighting, and vehicle window control.
Consumer Electronics
One application of Zettler relays in consumer electronics is in refrigerators. On the refrigerator, the relay can be used to control the interior light, compressor and the cooling fan.
Smart Home
In the area of Smart Home, Zettler relays can be used to adjust indoor lighting, open and close curtains, start and stop smart home appliances, etc.
Medical Field
In the industrial field, relays are widely used in motor control, such as DC and AC motors.
New Energy
In the alternative and renewable energy industry, Zettler relays are applied in solar panels, solar inverters, electric vehicle charging devices, etc.
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