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Relay Applications

Automotive Industry

Automotive relay is an electronically operated switch. The type most commonly used in the automotive industry is an electro-mechanically operated switch. They are found in all types of vehicles - cars, trucks, vans.

Consumer Electronics

Our relays can be widely used in home appliances, such as refrigerators, coffee makers, washing machines, toasters, vacuum and so on.

Smart Home

Zettler relays have a variety of functions and can be used in lighting control, smart socket, smart panel, temperature control and other fields. They can help you save energy by turning off appliances when not in use.

Medical Field

Industrial control relay are essentially switches, but of a more complex nature. They are usually associated with the control of electric motors and systems.

New Energy

New energy vehicle relay is a controlled switching device on high voltage circuit, and also plays the role of active protection device in the system.
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