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Longing for Poems and Far Away-a Five-day Tour of Nha Trang

Longing for Poems and Far Away-a Five-day Tour of Nha Trang

On October 12th, Sunday, the usual quiet company playground was crowded with people. Forty to fifty employees were saluting and chatting eagerly, with uncontrollable joy on their faces. It turns out that today is the day when the company organized a five-day trip to Nha Trang, Vietnam.

After the people arrived, they gathered in the conference room. After the tour guide briefly introduced the itinerary and precautions, they boarded the bus to Ningbo Airport.

It was already 10:30 in the evening when I arrived in Vietnam. Because of the time difference, Vietnam is one hour behind China, so the local time is 9:30. After a 40-minute drive, we finally arrived at the Havana Hotel where we were staying. This local five-star hotel was built by the sea. When you cross the road, you can stroll on the soft beach. Wake up in the morning and open the curtains, facing the sea, and the spring flowers are in full bloom.

Because I was going out at 10 o'clock the next day and had a rich buffet, everyone came to the beach by appointment. Next to it was the endless blue sea with soft white sand under my feet, and occasionally a few naughty sand crabs ran in front of me. There are also couples of handsome men and women sunbathing on the beach. In this case, the scene is really light and blue, and it is fun to stroll through the clear waves. The parent-child play in the Coconut Grove at the rising sun, a line of footsteps and two loves.

At ten o'clock, the bus appeared at the door of the hotel on time, and then everyone got on the bus and headed for the cathedral. In less than ten minutes, the cathedral appeared on our left. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, we could not enter inside to visit. We only stayed outside for a while, took a few photos and then "turned to" the next attraction-Tianyi Goddess temple. There we are here in a hurry. I am accustomed to seeing the major attractions in the country, and then I realized that the most worthwhile viewing in Vietnam is the natural scenery.

On the third day, we divided into two teams, Pearl Island and Silkworm Island. Can Island needs to take a speedboat to go. There is a primitive beauty everywhere on the island. Various living and entertainment facilities are complete, including swimming pools, outdoor bars, free seafood meals and so on. You can also swim in the blue sea and blue sky as much as you want, or take a stroll on the island, take a nice nap by the beach, or go to the golf course!

And Pearl Island is another scene. There are water parks, playgrounds, 4D cinemas, zoos, aquarium underwater tunnels and various performances of dolphins and seals. It is known as Sea Disney.

We took a cable car for more than ten minutes to come to the island. When we came down, we saw a European-style castle. We didn't want to stop and admire it. We went straight to the water park. It was probably not due to holidays, except for a few foreigners. Nobody. Everyone can have fun! Anyway, all kinds of slides can't be named, so I just go and play once. If you are tired, you can lie down on the beach and have a nap.

After lunch, we walked into the aquarium undersea tunnel and admired all kinds of tropical animals and fish.

Going up, you came to the zoo. Although there are not as many animals here as ours, it is quite abundant and it takes an hour to stroll around.

Coming out of the zoo, a light rain fell in the sky, and there was a Ferris wheel in front of us. We hurriedly sat in, hiding from the rain while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the island. Condescendingly, the scenery of Pearl Island is slowly panoramic.

At this time, the rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the following itinerary had no choice but to stop. We came to the cable car down the mountain. Long queues were already lined up here. It seemed that other people also came in just as we did, and returned in disappointment. It was a little regrettable.

For the remaining two days, we wandered around a few shops and soaked in a mud bath with local characteristics. All the trip was over. In this way, we dragged our exhausted bodies onto the plane returning to China, and the carefree days were finally over.

Goodbye, the sea! Goodbye, Pearl Island! Goodbye, Nha Trang! We will return to our posts and work hard. Let us meet for the next long journey!

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