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The 6th Zettler Karaoke Grand Prix Ended Successfully

The 6th Zitler Karaoke Grand Prix Ended Successfully

After the preliminaries, at 18:50 on the evening of July 14th, the final of the Sixth Karaoke Grand Prix by Zettler was "long overdue". Compared with the drizzle last year, the weather brother really gave a lot of face that night. The large open-air stage in front of the company building; superb sound facilities; gorgeous lineup of judges; strong 23 qualified players, all these are enough to prove how exciting and shocking the game was!

The biggest highlight of this competition is probably not the contestants, let alone the host, but the majestic audience of Zettler. Our game is to entertain the public, and the most fundamental purpose is to make our audience happy. Obviously, our goal has been achieved. They have been entertaining since they took photos with their mobile phones, and they have become fans from the moment they offered flowers and shouted.

Of course, the performance of our contestants is even more remarkable. Although they are not professional singers or even have any stage experience, their enthusiasm and fearlessness are enough to make us flattered. They seem to be serious and cautious at work. At this moment, they burst out with infinite passion and energy. Wang Zhanfei, from the second part of the production, sang the voice of every wanderer who is in a foreign land, chasing hard work for the dream that is not in his heart, and his vigorous and powerful voice conquered all the audience present. He is undoubtedly a well-deserved champion!

Thanks to them for bringing us a romantic summer night with endless memorable memories. Among them, there are many old friends who accompanied the "Zettler Star" last year, the year before and even all the way, and there are young people who have joined the Zettler family this year. They. Without your attention and support, this radiant and enthusiastic stage cannot be created. Let us remember the joy of this night, and look forward to meeting again next year!

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