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6. Other Matters Needing Attention

6.1 Precautions for safety

Please note that when the relay is working normally, there is a danger of contacts if you touch it with your hands.

Please pay attention to clear the wire and cut off the power when installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the relay (including terminal blocks, sockets and other connecting parts).

Please note that when making terminal connections, please refer to the wiring diagram in the product manual first, and then connect correctly. If the connection is wrong, it may cause unexpected malfunction, abnormal heating, fire, etc.

If there are defects such as contact bonding, poor contact, or disconnection. When it will endanger other property or even life, please use double safety devices.

6.2 Long tube packaging

When using a relay packaged in a long tube, please do not swing the package tube to make the relay receive an impact, which may cause the relay to malfunction. If a stopper is used in the package, please press the stopper into the relay to prevent the relay from shaking in the packaging tube, as shown in Figure 25.

Other Matters Needing Attention

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