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3. Performance

3.1 Precautions for plastic-encapsulated relays

Plastic-encapsulated relays have good environmental resistance, but please pay attention to the following matters when using them to avoid malfunctions.

3.1.1 About the use environment

Plastic-encapsulated relays are not suitable for environments with special air tightness requirements. Please avoid using them under air pressures other than 86kPa~106kPa. And avoid using in flammable and explosive gas environment. In this case, please use a sealed relay.

3.1.2 About cleaning

When cleaning the printed board after soldering to the printed board, it is recommended to use an alcohol-based cleaning fluid for cleaning.

Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning, if ultrasonic cleaning is used, it may cause the coil disconnection and slight adhesion of the contacts.

3.2 Vibration, shock

When the relay is subjected to a strong impact, the contacts will open instantly, which may cause malfunction. Therefore, when it is installed on the same board with other shock-producing devices (such as electromagnetic switches, air switches, etc.), countermeasures must be taken to reduce the impact of the shock on the relay, such as the direction of the impact and the opening and closing directions of the relay contacts. And the armature movement direction is at right angles, or these devices are installed on different boards, or the buffer sheet is used, or some measures can be taken in the application circuit to minimize the influence of the contact malfunction (as shown in the figure).


Remarks: In the above picture, parallel RC on the normally closed switch and parallel freewheeling diode on the relay coil can improve the abnormal power failure of the circuit caused by the instantaneous disconnection of the normally closed switch under severe shock and vibration.

In addition, when the relay is exposed to a long-term vibration environment (such as a tram, etc.), please avoid using it in combination with a socket. It is recommended to solder the relay directly to the board.

3.3 Vibration, shock and load during transportation

When transporting a relay or a device equipped with a relay, if there is a large vibration, shock, or load, it may cause malfunction of the relay. Please use cushioning packaging that can control the vibration and shock within the allowable range.

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