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Zettler's First Large-scale Theme Event - ''Mountaineering Treasure Hunt'' is Full of Energy

Zettler's First Large-scale Theme Event-''Mountaineering Treasure Hunt'' is Full of Energy

"Healthy life starts with a single step". Taking the golden autumn season as an opportunity, our company took the mountaineering treasure hunt as the carrier. On October 19, we organized all employees to carry out the first large-scale "climbing treasure hunt" in the "Longquan Mountain" located in the city center Themed event. The activity was carried out in the form of a treasure hunt, which added the interest of mountaineering activities and created a good atmosphere of unity and courage to climb the company employees.

At 7:30 in the morning, the participating employees have been sent to the foot of Longquan Mountain by the company's special car. The enthusiasm of the employees to participate in this event is extremely high. There are 123 groups registered for a total of 738 people. The company also specially prepared iconic sweatshirts for the participating employees. One is to facilitate the identification of the staff, and the other is to remind us that the Zettler people should have good employee qualities in this outdoor activity. 8:30 "Mountaineering Treasure Hunting" officially started. Everyone's climbing task is to go to Yangzhi Pavilion, Shunshui Pavilion, Ziling Pavilion, Lizhou Pavilion, and Yangming Pavilion. Each team leader must lead each pavilion. Your team members work together to complete the task card content of each pavilion, and personally hand over the task results to the staff of the pavilion, and they can get corresponding points after passing the test. When climbing, each team must not only catch up with the leading team ahead, but also pay attention to roadside grass, steps, bushes, seats, kiosks, and even trash cans along the way, look for red "treasure cards", and collect more " "Treasure Card", you can go to the lottery area to draw the corresponding prizes after going down the mountain. The larger the number of "Treasure Cards", the more prizes will be drawn.

This event was a confrontation between physical and mental power. More than one hundred groups swarmed up to fight wit and courage. The first to be surrounded by water was the "Yangming Pavilion" at the top. The task of the pavilion was to blow three sizes. Full of balloons, and taking a group photo with a certain scene as the background, each group bulged their cheeks to blow the balloons and went straight to the next pavilion after completing the task. Some groups are much wiser, bypassing crowded places and finding other ways. But the group that came to the "Yangzhi Pavilion" got the task card instantly dumbfounded, "find a photo with an ostrich, a monkey, a camel", "a photo with the four sage steles", "find a suitable angle to take a panoramic view of the Pacific Hotel" and so on. The missions are endless, and the urgent teams are looking for goals and group photos everywhere. Although the missions are various, the ultimate goal is to hope that everyone can keep the most precious memories and moments between the teams while playing with all their strength.

Compared with the strange tricks of "Yangzhi Pavilion", "Lizhou Pavilion" is full of fresh light, picking wild flowers and wisps of grass, weaving a beautiful wreath, and concave a few cool The styling photo taken as a souvenir is the task completed. But this "Shunshui Pavilion" is the most lively. In a small space of less than 5 square meters, you can see dozens of people in the "dancing demons". The following group is confused, but not to be outdone, follows. jump. After investigating, it turns out that the task of this booth is to ask the team leader to lead the team members to impress the staff through a 2-minute talent show. Only the team with excellent performance can get a limited number of 30 pass cards. For the group that did not get the limited card, the chance to save the battle has come. Do you know the "three filial sons" of the Sun family? Do you know the touching deeds of Sun's "Three Filial Sons"? Do you know what the couplet is under the "Zhongtian Pavilion" plaque? If you ask three questions, then the "Ziling Pavilion" will be exhausted. After two hours of fierce competition, 6 teams finally stood out in this competition and completed all tasks in the shortest time.

We often say: happy times are always very short. Yes, we who are usually busy with work rarely have the opportunity to meet and communicate with colleagues in other departments. It is this mountaineering treasure hunt that brings us together and brings us closer to each other. Whether we can win the final victory is no longer important to us. The most commendable thing is that every member of our ZETTLER family can have the best memories of life in this event, which will be more than any bonus, The prizes are precious and lasting!

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