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The Role of Industrial Wireless Relay

The general circuit is often divided into two parts: the main circuit and the control circuit. The relay is mainly used for the control circuit and the contactor is mainly used for the main circuit. Through the relay, the function of controlling another signal or several signals with one control signal can be realized, and the control of starting, stopping and linkage can be completed. The main control object is contactor. Contactor's contact is relatively large, with strong bearing capacity. Through it, the control from weak current to strong current is realized, and the control object is electrical appliances.

Industrial wireless relay has the following functions:

1. Instead of small contactor

The contacts of industrial wireless relay have certain load capacity. When the load capacity is relatively small, they can be used instead of small contactors, such as the control of electric rolling gates and some small household appliances. This advantage is that it can not only achieve the purpose of control, but also save space and make the control part of electrical appliances more exquisite.

2. Increase the number of contacts

This is the most common usage of industrial wireless relay. In the circuit control system, when the contact A of a contactor needs to control multiple contactors or other components, because it is not conducive to maintenance (sometimes the capacity of one contact is not enough), an industrial wireless relay is added to the line, which will not only change the control form, but also facilitate maintenance.

3. Increase the contact capacity

We know that the contact capacity of industrial wireless relay is not very large, but it also has a certain load capacity, and the current required for its driving is very small, so industrial wireless relay can be used to expand the contact capacity. For example, it is generally not possible to directly control electrical components with relatively heavy loads with the output of inductive switches and triodes. Instead, the industrial wireless relay is used in the control line, and other loads are controlled through the industrial wireless relay, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the control capacity.

4. Change the contact type

In industrial control lines, it often happens that the normally closed contacts of contactors are required to achieve the control purpose, but the normally closed contacts of contactors themselves have been used up, so the control task cannot be completed. At this time, an industrial wireless relay can be connected in parallel with the original contactor coil, and the normally closed contact of the industrial wireless relay can be used to control the corresponding components, and the contact type can be changed to achieve the required control purpose.

5. Used as a switch

In some control circuits, the on-off of some electrical components is often controlled by industrial wireless relay, and its contacts are opened and closed. Such as automatic degaussing circuit common in color TV or display, triode controls the on-off of industrial wireless relay, so as to control the on-off of degaussing coil.

6. Conversion voltage

In the industrial control circuit, the voltage is DC24V. Contactor KM2 needs to control the on-off of solenoid valve KT, and the coil voltage of solenoid valve is AC220V. If the coil of the solenoid valve is directly connected with the contact of the contactor, it is not impossible in principle, but considering the maintenance habits and use safety issues. An industrial wireless relay should be installed in another place to control the solenoid valve through the industrial wireless relay. Doing so can separate DC from AC and high voltage from low voltage, which is convenient for future maintenance and safe use.

7. Uliminate the interference in the circuit

In industrial control or computer control circuits, although there are various interference suppression measures, the interference phenomenon still exists more or less. Due to the line coupling phenomenon at the input point 10.1 of PLC, there is a small induced current in the line, and the current required for PLC input is also very small. When the induced current is greater than the current required for PLC input, the control of PLC will malfunction. That is to say, although there is no operation button SB at this time. But PLC will also output corresponding actions. At this time, a small industrial wireless relay can be connected in series in the control circuit, and the corresponding control circuit can be changed. The general induced current will not cause the action of industrial wireless relay, and only when the button in the original 10.1 line is operated will the industrial wireless relay act and give a normal input signal to PLC, thus achieving the purpose of eliminating interference.

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